Inspirational Picture Gallery of Inground Pools

Enjoy some pictures of completed swimming pools.   These pools represent the work of both DIY amateurs and skilled professional pool contractors.  We hope this pool gallery gives you some inspiration and guidance in your decision.  Many of the pictures are from builders unaffiliated with DigTime Pools.  We strongly recommend that you ask to see finished pool photos of any fiberglass pool contractor that you consider.

This is a top notch install of a in-ground pool.  We highly recommend in-ground pools as they’re some of the best.  If you are interested in one, let us know when you make a request for more information.

Lighted fountains on a in-ground pool.  They cost a little extra, but add a lot to the final appearance.

We had to share this one with you, it’s ancient.

Small backyard converted in to a nice swimming pool.   Owners used a basic concrete pool decking and supplemented it with pavers, a wooden deck, and gravel.

Very basic concrete swimming pool decking with fiberglass rim exposed.  For buyers on a budget, this could be the first step to get your pool open.  Texture or tile can be added later to enhance the appearance.  Sure beat mowing the lawn.

No pool snobs here, this little DIY backyard pool is sodded to the rim and lined with cheap pavers.  While not the prettiest thing, it will get the job done.  Why do I sense this is in a fraternity house backyard?

This is a large custom pool, but it shows what pool lighting can add to the appearance.  Some fiberglass pools models have built-in stool seating for poolside bar service.

Very basic.  Small decking areas tend to increase the amount grass clippings that will end up in the pool.

Flagstone and other smooth flat stones make good decking materials.

Here the pool rim is hidden under brick work, and the pavers make for an attractive surface finish.  Check out the screened enclosure at the neighbors.

This fiberglass pool shell displays a near white finish.

A few thousand invested in the decking would dramatically transform this fiberglass pool’s appearance.  We can give you a quote on a concrete surface treatment to make a pool like this really look great.  Just look at the picture below to see the amazing difference that a little color and texture can make.

Minor add-ons such as colored concrete and decorative tiles make this swimming pool more visually pleasing.

Decorative planting can really enhance the look of your fiberglass pool installation.

White concrete, light colored pool liner, and a lack of landscaping makes for a blinding reflection.  Consider colored and textured concrete pool decking and planters to reduce the glaring light.

Wood planks can also make a good decking material.

Great lighting makes for great a party atmosphere.

Notice the gap to the left. This is why we suggest that even the DIY folks hire an experienced excavator to dig, level, and  set your pool.

Very clean design.

Notice the concrete decking under the decorative pavers?  This pool project could be completed in stages to delay costs.

Nice use of textured decking. Pina Colada anyone?

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