Custom Gunite Pools

The key point of difference between various types of pools lies in the construction of their basin. There are several kinds of swimming pools such as fiberglass pools, poured concrete pool, gunite/shotcrete pool, above-ground pools and others. Of these, gunite pools are the most popular in design.


What Are Gunite Pools?

Gunite pool describes the material that is used for making the walls and floor of the swimming pool. A sprayed concrete is used for the walls and floor. This is not a wet mix but a dry mix method. These are custom pools as homeowners wanting a free-form pool opt for gunite pools.


Construction of Gunite Pools

There are eight construction phases when creating a gunite pool. The work begins with the layout when the contractor meets the homeowner to decide the location of the pools. The next process is the excavation, when the area is dug up in the pre-decided shape of the pool. A steel rebar is used in the third step. This is the gunite pool’s skeleton and holds the structure together. The steel is installed in place and bonded.

After the installation of the steel rebar, concrete is sprayed on the framework. This is a mixture of sand and concrete, and is a dry mixture. Water is added to the mix just before it is sprayed using a high pressure spraying hose. After the concrete application, the shell is wet daily to cure Gunite.

After the curing, the homeowner selects the tile and finish for the pool. And, while they are selecting this, the plumbing work is done. After the plumbing is installed and the work is completed, the tiles are installed and the finishing is done.


What Makes Gunite Pools Unique?

Gunite pools are unique in their method of construction. They can be built in any imaginable design and are, thus, custom pools. While the construction of this type of pool may take a long time, the end result will be excellent. Also, gunite pools last for a long time.

Gunite pools are constructed using a dry mixture of concrete and sand. Water is mixed into the mixture before it is sprayed using a high pressure hose. Gunite is first layered and then smoothed as it becomes dry. The method is faster that poured concrete and saves the homeowner a lot of money.

Here are the benefits of Gunite pools

  • The shape and size of the pool can be customized to suit the landscape without having to re-design the landscape.
  • Since Gunite plaster finish is available in various finishes and colors, the pools can be coordinated with the landscaping.
  • Gunite pools are durable and last for a long time. They have long warranties.
  • Although it is a customized pool, it is easier to construct them than any other pool. All it needs spraying the concrete-sand mixture on the rebar framework. This reduces the construction time and makes it easier.
  • The pool can be created in any shape, size or depth. Get as creative as you like when constructing these shotcrete pools. In addition, you also have the choice to add spas, streams, waterfalls and others to enhance the pool’s appearance.

Inspections are done during various phases of the construction of the gunite/shotcrete pool. This type of pool takes a very short construction time and the end result is also very good.

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